About me

Design + Usability = Results

Tools of the Trade

  • Coda 95% 95%
  • HTML5 / CSS 3 85% 85%
  • Photoshop 90% 90%
  • Javascript 80% 80%
  • jQuery 85% 85%
  • PHP / MySQL 75% 75%
  • Wordpress 90% 90%

This Is My Story

I am Travis Terry, I live in metro Detroit and wouldn’t change it for anything. I love the D! On most weekends you will find me downtown Detroit mixing it up with the great people of this city. In the summer you will find me on one of the best assets Michigan has, our lakes, I will be on a boat somewhere. It could be on an inland lake or out on Lake St Clair.

I create websites, web applications, CRM email campaigns, social media presence and have had pretty good luck with SEO. My true passion is helping my clients build brands online and be recognized. Check out my latest case studies.

I currently work a 9-5 job for Budco in Highland Park as a front end developer / Performance Testing Engineer and have even started to help expand away from just Java and .Net and into PHP Applications. At Budco I have worked on numerous projects for Ford, Chrysler, Novartis Animal Health, Teva Pharmaceutical, Pfizer, Nestle and General Mills.

Just because I have a 9-5 job doesn’t mean that I don’t take on freelance projects. This truly is my passion where I can take a thought or idea and turn it into an end results that we both can be proud of! We will go through all the steps that a big agency would but at a fraction of the cost, I don’t have the overhead that they would be charging for. This is another reason that I work out of my house; all I need is my iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad.

 I use the best tools for the job. I love working with WordPress as a framework and building custom apps or sites with the use of PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. I love discovering new tools to help solve problems, I spend at least an hour everyday reading design and coding blogs.

Enough about me, lets talk about your project!