Digital Expertise

I create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better.



Experience design

Great design is the heart of good ROI. If the end user is not having a good experience studies show that they will move onto the next site that is easier to navigate and use.

Digital campaigns

By tapping into user insights and analytics, I will streamline business requirement strategy across relevant touch points such as web, email, print and social. I work with clients to re­imagine their online business and help reach new markets, discover new revenue streams and stand apart from others through digital innovation.


I help brands succeed in the digital age. I help identify a brand’s narrative and evolve the messaging to target audiences to create advocacy and endorsement.

Content development

Content is King. Without engaging content it is hard to get your message across and keep the end users interested.







Product development

I have created a standard of excellence in intuitive UX, beautiful design and inspiration. The products I design today drive ROI for tomorrow’s business model. Check out the vibrant responsive UI that I delivered for Still Pond Farm.

Social media

I will bridge the gap between brands and fans together to create scalable engagement with full­-service offerings in campaign development, platform integrations (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.), custom social media management solutions, social tracking and reporting, analytics, and application development.

Content strategy

With content being King. It is very important to have interesting and engaging content, though I don’t personally create content I work a few freelance writers that have shown very successful campaigns.

Search marketing

A successful digital campaign requires search performance to be competent and competitive. I help deliver ROI through SEM, SEO, usability and UI consulting, analytics and content development.






Emerging media

My extensive experience in responsive web design gives the optimal experience to anyone that visit the site from a smartphone, tablet, netbook/laptop and desktop computers. No matter what the device the end users visit your site or app from it will be unified experience.

Web development

I have been developing sites for about 15 years. I am constantly staying ahead of the game with the latest technologies and best practises. I was one of the first developers to start using HTML5 and CSS3 and starting to break away from flash for animation.

Content management systems

I have used a lot of different CMS’s softwares such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart and Presta Shop. I have had the most success for both my own development and helping clients through the backend with WordPress for a Web Application and OpenCart for eCommerce.