This project we faced a lot of challenges. We need the ability to have “mini” sites for all of their markets or franchises. We wanted each of the markets to be able to have their own personal website that they could focus marketing efforts on. We also knew that we wanted a mobile version of the site because we evaluated the analytics and noticed they were receiving a lot of mobile traffic.


To solve the challenge of giving each market there own website we explored the idea of the new WordPress MultiSite. This was the perfect fit for the markets we would be able to control all websites from a unified super admin login. This gave us the ability to control the corporate site along with help the markets out with their sites from the same backend login. Next was the idea of having 2 sites a mobile and a desktop site, now this was the normal way to do things when we launched this site. But there was this new concept starting to hit the web called responsive design which we explored and mocked up and decided that it would be the perfect fit. We would be able to keep all the content in 1 place in the Database of wordpress and not need to manage 2 code bases. Now days this is becoming a standard but we were one of the first to use Responsive Web Design!


The Corporate website was a great project to work on. I was able to implement some ¬†HTML5 and CSS3 elements that were very cutting edge when we launched this site. We also made sure to support older browser with javascript/jQuery fall backs. Not only is this site fully responsive but we also used CSS3 Animations to add some depth to the site. We were also able to use custom fonts, we used google’s web font library to accomplish this.

ShutterBooth Markets

ShutterBooth has a lot of Markets or affiliates across the country. This was another one of the big challenges I faced when we were designing the sites. We need each market to be able to add there own localized touch so we built in the ability for the markets to add there own Hero or Headline image that showcases there city!