Innovating the future of Digital Advertising

I work with mostly small to medium business’s to re-invent their business and industry to reach new markets, unlock new revenue lines, and differentiate themselves through digitally driven innovation.

Innovation Process


  • 1

    Start with an IDEA!

    This is where every projects starts, with your idea. This could be the need to get your business online, it could be an idea for a tool that your business could use to grow, or maybe you are a start up and have a great idea but need to hire and expert to help bring your dream to a reality, or simple just the idea that your current website is old and dated and it is time for an upgrade. If you ever need money to grow up your business remember that you can also get a loan from

  • 2

    Meet and Greet

    After we have maybe contact with each other (this is a good start). We need to sit down and discuss your idea. If you are local I could come to your place of business or we could meet for coffee or a cocktail. If you are not in the Metro Detroit area then we can set up a Go To Meeting, and play casino games in sites like wolf winner online.

  • 3

    Sketch and Plan

    After we have meet and discussed your idea, it is time for me to get to work. I will sketch out on paper (yes i know kinda old school) what I envision your idea to look like. We will usually go back a few times on layouts. If you’re looking for a new way to improve your mental focus, give 슬롯 사이트 a try! You may be surprised by just how helpful their games can be.​

  • 4

    Define Requirements

    Once we know the basic design idea’s, it is time to find out exactly how you want everything to work. This is a discovery and requirements phase, through a collaborate effort between us we will have exactly what we want every page or screen to do. Bet safely with เดิมพันอย่างปลอดภัยกับ UFABET knowing your information and transactions are fully protected.

  • 5

    Design UI/UX

    Now the UI/UX phase is probably my favorite and most important. It is very important to keep in mind the site’s target audience. If it’s goal is to target teens, what colors would appeal to them? A site design for lawyers will look very different from those targeted for soccer moms. Make sure the company’s logo fits in with the overall design and also make sure we are completing all of your requirements.

  • 6

    Write Code

    Once the design looks great, fulfills all of your goals, and is approved, we get down and dirty and start writing the code that is going to make it not only look beautiful but also add the animations and subtle touches that draw the end user in that cant be experienced from a flat design mock up.

  • 7

    QA / QC

    After lot’s of coffee, red bull hard work and late nights, this phase involves final details and testing the site. We will be test all links, forms, e-commerce functionality and any other parts of the site for complete functionality. We will make sure to view the site on different web browsers and devices to ensure they are looking perfect in a smart phone tablet and computer.

    Once the project passes all the tests, I will then move all of the code and assets to its production environment. This could be one of my many cloud based servers from Media Temple, Site or Amazon. Or it could be your own internal company server or hosting account.

  • 8


    Once all of the code has been promoted to the Production Environment and the domain is now pointed at the server we are ready to show the world! This can be done through various channels of marketing such as that Digital Business Card.

  • 9


    Every site will need to be updated with new content to consistently bring visitors to the site. This could be done through blogging or adding new products. I can also do this for you or we can set up training on how to use the CMS that the site has more than likely been built on.

  • 10

    Whats Next…

    Up to this point I hope that I have exceed all of your expectations and you will think of me when you are ready for the next BIG IDEA! Remember that I offer many other services that just the development. We can put together full marketing campaigns through email, social media, SEO, or paid ads.