The challenges were fairly straight forward on this. We knew that we want to build this in WordPress because that is what their sister site is built in and they are familiar with the backend. We did face a challenge of how to allow each market edit their own page without it being an entire new site using WordPress multisite install. We also went through quite a few revisions during the mock up process trying to please all of the different market owners.


In order to accommodate the needs for each market to be able to edit their own page and only there page, I was faced with creating some custom code to manipulate the built in permissions for WordPress, to give markets the ability to edit there page and only there page. We also didn’t want them to be able to create new pages that would be posted to the live site. As for being able to impress all of the markets on the look and feel we took a lot of the elements that everyone like and started creating hybrid looks and I am very happy with the end results. Definitely one of my favor designs I have created.